Do You Want More Customers?

Every day millions of wine consumers are online searching for new wines and local experiences. 99Vines targets those consumers, exposes them to your brand and converts them into new customers. 

Your business has a global reach and the potential to reach millions of people. We unlock that potential by messaging the right people and bringing them into your customer acquisition funnel.

We use marketing to engage, content to acquire and sales to convert.


1. Marketing



We place your business in the top spot of page one on google when potential customers are searching for your products or services.



We write deliver targeted messaging to your potential customers on Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites.



We create and publish organic text, video and graphical content on third party sites frequently visited by potential customers.

2. Content


We create web and mobile content designed to educate, inform and convert potential customers into leads or sales.


We deploy physical content to help physical customers engage with our digital content and convert into our customer database.

Tracking and Analytics

We measure all content interactions against conversion events to understand what steps are needed to improve our marketing results.

3. Sales


We design and deliver email marketing campaigns to New and existing customers showcasing key products and services.


We deploy a customer relationship manager to support the sales process and facilitate more profitable relationships.


We increase lifetime customer value by bringing customers back into our marketing funnel with post purchase messaging.

More about the Premium Listing

Better Listing, More Customers

Thousands of customers use our site each week looking for great businesses like yours. See how many customers 99Vines can send to your business today!

We turn your listing into a lead generating machine. Our staff will get your preferred listing set up and optimized to drive new customers to you. Check out these great features below.



Top of Category

Premium Listings are featured at at the top of the results when visitors search by category. Put your business on top of your region and wine category to drive more customers to your business.

  • More traffic
  • Enhanced branding in category listings

Measurement and Analytics

All Premium Listings come with enhanced metrics and tracking tools to help you find out more about your customers. We measure and track actions on your listing like on conversion rates, time on page and what interests your visitors most.

  • Granular statistics
  • Data on how to improve

Top of Search

Premium Listings are featured at the top of the results when customers search for businesses like theirs. The first few results in any search results are Premium Listings.

  • Drive more search traffic
  • Enhanced branding in results
  • Capture more site traffic

Real Time Reporting

Premium Listings receive a report of how their listing is performing on the site. Rich data about conversion rates, time on page and actionable information to improve is delivered via email each week.

  • One easy to understand report
  • Actionable data

Sidebar Feature

Premium Listings are featured in the sidebar of heavily traffic pages like the homepage and on basic listing pages. Sidebar features get more clicks, views and traffic from the website.

  • Thousands of impressions monthly
  • Always present on screen

Full Width Branded Profile

Premium Listings receive a full width branded listing to showcase the business to potential customers. The sidebar is removed (as well as the related listings) so the listing can use that space to display more branded information.

  • Removal of third party content
  • Cleaner full width listing
  • Faster loading

Unlimited Pictures

Premium Listings can have an unlimited number of pictures and video added to their listing (basic listings can only have one). More images and media help convince customers that they should visit your winery or vineyard over another.

  • Full sized pop up gallery
  • Mobile optimized

Homepage Feature

Premium Listings are featured right on the 99Vines homepage. When a visitor comes to the website and they are near your geographic location, your listing will be featured on the map.

  • Be seen by local customers
  • Attract new customers right form the homepage

Removal of Related Businesses

Premium Listings have the other “related businesses” removed from their listing page. This keeps visitors on your page longer and leads to more conversions.

  • No ads on your listing page
  • Related businesses removed

Social Media Integration

Premium Listings have their social media accounts integrated directly into their listing page. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds and share buttons can be displayed on your listing page to help customers connect with you on social networks.

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram integration
  • Social sharing and content feeds

99Vines Review

Premium Listings get a custom review of the winery or vineyard. A blog post is written and the premium listing will feature a review by our 99Vines staff.

  • Helps new customers trust the business
  • Featured in the “reviews” section

No Ads

Premium Listings have all third party advertisements removed from their listing page. This helps potential customers stay on the listing longer and ultimately convert.

  • Ads removed
  • Increase in conversion rate

eCommerce Integration

Premium Listings can sell wine directly from their listing page. Your wine and tasting room will be available to our web customers to purchase directly from the site.

  • Sell direct to our customer base
  • Keep 100% of the revenue

Email Capture

Premium Listings receive an email capture form directly on their listing page. Any email capture form helps to build new email subscribers to your marketing list.

  • Export emails anytime
  • Capture new customers


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