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Chehalem Mountain

The Best Time of Year to Visit the Willamette Valley

What to Consider The Willamette Valley is famous for its wine, especially Pinot Noir. While it's becoming a more popular tourist destination for wine tastings, as well as delicious food, the weather in Oregon can be unpredictable. Rather, Oregon is not particularly...

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Oregon Wine 101 |Wine Vintage

So you can jump in the conversation next time, we’ve answered some of the burning questions surrounding wine vintage. If you drink wine often enough, you are bound to encounter a person who makes a comment about a certain year being good (or bad) for a wine. Whether...

Oregon Wine 101 | Label Regulations

In order to protect the integrity of wine (and other alcoholic beverages,) the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) created label regulations. These regulations not only protect the integrity of the beverage, but they provide consumers with correct...

Oregon Chardonnay-4 Chardonnay Cheese Pairings

Are there more exciting words than “wine and cheese?” We sure don’t think so, here are 4 Oregon chardonnay cheese pairings. Pairing wine and cheese together is a tale as old as time, and for good reason. The right cheese and the right wine can compliment each other,...

Rosé Wine Facts

Over the past few years, there might not be anything more trendy in the wine world than rosé. Even though rosé wine isn’t new, its persona of fresh, light, fun, and affordable has developed into more than a trendy Instagramable wine. It’s a lifestyle. Here are a few...

What To Drink This Spring

Spring is a wonderful time in the Willamette Valley. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and every situation is better with a glass of wine. While there is no bad time to have a glass of Oregon wine, here are a few wine suggestions for the best spring wines. On...

Pinot Noir Food Pairings

Pinot Noir pairings, from chicken to pork, there are many strategies for pairing wine and food together. But an easy one to remember is congruent and contrasting. Congruent - pairing wine and foods that have similar qualitiesContrasting - pairing wine and food with...

Exercise Your Olfactory Muscles

When you eat or drink anything, your sense of smell is what helps your brain comprehend what you are tasting. Olfactory sensors in your nasal cavity paired with your taste buds work together to send flavor information to your brain when you eat and drink. Have you...

Oregon’s Secret Ingredient | Terroir

“Terroir,” the ultimate wine buzzword. So, what does it actually mean? Here is the good ole dictionary definition: terroir, nounter·​roir | \ ˌter-ˈwär  \Definition of terroir: the combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that gives wine...

Pinot Gris | Oregon’s Best Value

Pinot Gris - not just for housewives. While this popular white wine may have garnered a cult following with rich ladies drinking white wine at noon on Tuesdays, this grape deserves attention from the rest of us normal wine drinkers with it's refreshing taste. While...

Final Step in Tasting | Drink & Think

Alright. You’ve done all the hard work and have learned our wine tasting basics. Now it’s time for your reward. Drink your wine! Besides actually getting to enjoy the wine, (because, you know. That’s why we are here. To drink wine.) the act of sipping, swishing and...

Look Before You Drink

Now that you have read the basics of wine tasting, let’s dig deeper into the four major steps. While Michael Scott may have it down when it comes to identifying wine, giving the wine a visual examination is the first step in tasting. Many wine experts will suggest...

How To Taste Wine | The Basics

Do you know the most important component to consider when wine tasting? Get ready… It’s YOU! That’s right. You. The drinker. Yes, there are techniques, etiquette, abilities, etc. that are involved in tasting a wine. But at the end of the day, YOU are all that matter....